Lesly Lynch

Based in New York & Paris




A natural born storyteller, Lesly is passionate about conveying any human feeling in a subtlest way. She always aims at linking emotion to visual storytelling. Lesly often depicts small moments of personal reflection and candid wonderment.


Fascinated by human nature, Lesly naturally moved to filmmaking and directing her first short documentary to express her emotions. After Paris attacks, she decides to feature a jewish grandmother disguised as a superhero. The film is awarded by Infracourts and broadcast on France 2.


Lesly's works show that her creativity has no boundaries.


In 2016, she directed a documentary series «24 Hours Before» broadcast on Fox International Channels, as well as a documentary feature film dedicated to FIAC and screened at the National Assembly.


In 2017, Lesly explores the body movement and questions the urban space by performing «Les Enfants Bizarres» with the dancers of Christine & The Queens.

In 2018, she directs her first music videos. In "Auaati" of Léonie Pernet, she tells the true story of a poet activist, queer and muslim, who had to fled Darfour to US just to discover she'll had to struggle with political crisis regarding immigration. 


In 2019, she released her first feature fiction-documentary « Trip ».  An immersion in the new queer underground scene of Paris, looking for their own freedom. The film premiered at Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux and at the Festival Chéries-Chéris in Cinemas MK2 Paris. 



STORY OF A HAT  / Fashion film

Winner Fashion Film Festival of Chicago  2019

TRIP  / Feature documentary

Festival International du Film Independant de Bordeaux  2019


Festival Cheries-Cherie 2019

HOUSE  / Kiddy Smile

Infracourts France Televisions 2016​



Infracourts France Televisions 2015

Contact me - 

|  US: +1 (646)-744-9179                    /                    FR: +33 6 60 57 43 77 

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